At East Lancashire Inclusion Partnership we are working to promote a culture of reflective practice within our alliance. We believe that engaging in research and development is a highly useful form of continuing professional development that enables teachers to develop a deeper understanding of their area of practice and find ways of improving it so that learning outcomes for pupils are improved.

We want to support teachers working in schools to engage in research and development. However, we recognise that whilst they may be interested in research in order to improve the learning outcomes for their pupils, they may be unsure how to carry out a small scale research project or feel they don’t have time, support or money to do so.

With this in mind we have worked in partnership with Researching Equity, Access and Participation, (REAP) at Lancaster University to develop our Teacher Research Programme, the aim of which is to remove these barriers by providing, at no charge to the individual or school at which they are employed, the opportunity for teachers to receive time and support to carry out a small scale research project into a topic of their own interest, though it must link in to the School Improvement Plan of the school at which they are employed.

To provide participants with the time and support to do this we are offering 5 days CPD delivered by Lancaster University to coach them through the process of carrying out a small scale research project (offered as 5 individual days spread across the academic year).

In return participants would need to write a short Teacher Research Report summarising their research and findings so that we can share these with other people working in schools who may be interested in your work. Please see our Teacher Research Programme Reports page for examples of previous Teacher Research Reports.

On completion of their project, all participants are invited to share their research at our annual Teacher Research Conference in the summer term.

Applications for 2019-2020

Applications are now open. We are asking the Research Project is linked to “Positive Mental Health & Wellbeing”.