Lancashire Equality Mark Re-accreditation Award!

We are proud to share that we have been awarded re-accreditation of the full Lancashire Equalities Mark!
The Lancashire Equality Mark provides a framework to guide schools through the process of reflection by auditing, developing and sharing positive practice across the various areas of equality. 
As a school, we first achieved all 6 strands of the Lancashire Equality Mark in July 2019 and it has been a fantastic experience sharing our ongoing commitment to promoting opportunities for all through our inclusive ethos of respect, tolerance and understanding of others’ needs. 

Some of the feedback received following the re-accreditation was:
'School’s commitment towards equality and acceptance of all needs continues to be apparent throughout school... The setting has a culture that is fully inclusive and diverse which enables a strong sense of equality, community and belonging.'

We believe that all of our learners deserve the opportunity to reach their full potential and we are committed to ensuring that they can do so in a safe, supportive, caring and dynamic school environment.

We are grateful to our learners who contributed to the process by sharing their opinions and ideas and we are extremely proud of their achievements!