Accreditation & Qualifications


Our learners are supported to achieve nationally recognised accreditation in a variety of subjects.

Where appropriate, our learners who are members of our inclusion classes take part in mainstream lessons which work towards exams such as SATs at Key Stage 2 and GCSEs in Key Stage 4, working alongside Haslingden High School.

In the past, our students have worked towards a wide variety of GCSE subjects.

We always consider the learners’ strengths when supporting them to complete their subject exams.

For our Year 11’s and Further Education leavers, where appropriate, we support them to achieve Functional Skills in:

English – including Reading, Writing and Speaking & Listening


Information Communication Technology (ICT)

Learners are entered for entry level exams (either 1, 2 or 3) dependent upon their potential. Occasionally, those learners working beyond entry level will be entered for national level 1, 2 or 3 qualifications in the same subjects.

All learners in the Further Education Department work towards accreditation in a variety of areas, primarily focusing on independence and life skills to lead to employment.