Values & Ethos

Our Values

The Governors and staff of Tor View School value equal opportunities for all which they aim to provide through:

  • An inclusive ethos of respect, tolerance, and understanding of others’ needs which develops and values learners’ self-discipline, independence and autonomy in preparation for adulthood;
  • A safe, supportive, caring and dynamic school environment which extends into the wider community where all are valued as educators and partners in school improvement;
  • Access to the National Curriculum and the extended school which is designed to accommodate individual learner needs and to ensure maximum progress;
  • An environment where creativity is nurtured and the arts provide a medium for driving forward school improvement;
  • The celebration of success and positive outcomes for all.

Our Ethos

Our ethos at Tor View School is underpinned by our desire to:

  • Develop a nurturing culture of lifelong learning for staff and learners;
  • Promote intellect, physical, social, aesthetic, spiritual and moral development of learners;
  • Inspire communication and independence skills;
  • Prepare learners to control their own lives;
  • Help and encourage learners to become valued employers, employees and members of social groups and communities and uphold British values;
  • Promote a healthy lifestyle and a sense of self-worth;
  • Develop lively, inquiring, creative minds;
  • Ensure that creative and inspirational teaching leads to exciting, enjoyable and inspired learning;
  • Maintain the highest personal expectation of each learner, recognising and developing strengths and talents;
  • Engage learners in meaningful work related learning, developing ambition and enterprise skills and securing best possible post school outcomes;
  • Have a wider local, regional and national influence to ensure learners access best practice and schools within our locality are well supported.